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Working with me

"It is my wish to keep alive a great pianistic tradition while transmitting this tradition in a contemporary form!"

Teaching Offers

Teaching is offered exclusively to advanced students and players. The evaluation takes place through a personal piano interview

- Private Instruction
- Group Instruction
- Specialized programs designed for students' individual needs

Throughout my intensive study of the piano, I asked myself again and again when it would make sense to keep most of the traditional pianistic technique and when it could be appropriate to leave known paths and enter new ground.

In order to figure this out, it is and was necessary to know a wide range of related materials and try them out on my own.
I have both studied; the traditional and the more alternative approaches. 
In this dynamic process, my students have been always directly integrated.
My many years of educational experience and the ability to intuitive sensing my counterpart allows a safe space for the development of the skills, as well as the personal and musical potential of each individual.

An important focus in my work is the generation of sound and a wise handling of a beautifully chosen rubato. 

Through my personality my ideal of sound and phrasing is strongly influenced by the aesthetics of the romantic piano tradition. The play of the great masters of the 20th century remains unforgettable and on my search for the traces I travelled several times to the United States.

In New York I met Coleman Blumfield, one of the only five students of Vladimir Horowitz and I caught some glimpses from his famous teacher. 
Another trip led me to Nina Svetlanova to the "Manhattan School of Music." With her ​​I got an insight into the great Russian tradition of Heinrich Neuhaus.

A major difference to the more conventional methods showed me Peter Feuchtwanger:
Playing with flat finger positions, the "Caved-In Bridge" and unconventional fingerings enriched my knowledge.

Finally, I met Dickran Atamian. From this inspiring encounter, the present method "The Perfect Pressure" has emerged, a method that to a certain extent, spans the arch above everything which I had already integrated.

Learning is a never ending process and so I'm curious what may come next!